Foster Program Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent for one of our precious animals.  Foster parents are one of our most valuable assets, as you are volunteering to open your home to help us save as as many cats and dogs as we can.  Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and can change the life of the animal you take in.  Each fostered animal opens up a cage or kennel space for us to save another animal.

Who can foster?
Anybody who is at least 18 years old with room in their home and heart can foster. We do require that your personal animals be up to date on vaccines (for their protection), be spayed or neutered and that you have prior approval from your landlord if you do not own your home.

Do you have the time and space to help a homeless pet? Then we need you!  Please fill out the form below, or click here to print out a copy and bring it by the office.


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Would there be someone home during the day to care for the pets and if so, who?

Do you have any pets of your own? If so, please give information on each pet, including type, age/breed, spayed/neutered, and if they are current on their vaccines, and any other information that you think would be helpful.:

Who is your current Veterinarian?

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Where will your foster pet be kept when no one is home? (Must be kept inside at all times unless accompanied by an adult)

It is recommended that a foster pet be isolated from existing animals for at least two weeks. Will this be a problem for you?

Are you willing to foster sick animals, such as kennel cough or upper respiratory infection….these are some of the most common reasons we would ask you to foster? Please check all that apply.
 Cats/kittens with Upper Respiratory infection Cats pregnant or nursing Orphaned puppies/kittens (requiring bottle feeding) Dogs pregnant or nursing Dogs/Puppies with Kennel Cough

By hitting the submit button, I agree that all the information which I have given above is correct as typed and I authorize the Laurens County Humane Society to verify any information.